Friday, May 26, 2006

I am...

My friend Lindsey tagged me on this...

I AM occasionally creative. Easily bored. Online chatting with a co-worker in London and another in Guadalajara

I WANT shrimp tacos from Berryhill’s. More hot water. To stop planning and start doing.

I WISH it were Saturday. I weren’t addicted to TV.

I MISS hot weather. Having more living space. 3rd Saturday lunch.

I HEAR a table saw. Customer service cold-calling with my script. Phones ringing incessantly. Hoobastank ‘The Reason.’

I WONDER wonder wonder wonder, trudge trudge trudge trudge, streeking streeking.

I REGRET not splurging on fun vacations when my friends asked me to go with them.

I AM NOT slow. Patient. High-maintenance.

I DANCE whenever I hear music that makes me want to dance, wherever I happen to be.

I AM NOT ALWAYS patient. Organized. Motivated.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS dumb Christmas ornaments.

I WRITE less often than I should for myself. All the time for my job.

I CONFUSE left with right. Names and faces. Other people when I hold 3 conversations at once.

I SHOULD work on my manuscripts more diligently. Get Angel groomed. Not be afraid of biking on these hills.

I START lots of projects.

I FINISH very few of them.

I TAG Glenny , Paladin, and My Evil Twin.


Anonymous said...

Streeking. Hee! I bet I'm the only one who gets that one.

Michelle Gardner said...

I'm certain of it. And thought of you when I wrote it.