Friday, March 23, 2007

Short Shameful Confession

I never mailed the tin of Walker's All Butter Shortbread...because I ate them all.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Marcia Marcia Marcia

Every week, while watching Heroes -– okay, really not every week. I recorded most of the episodes because I played ball on Monday nights, and thus one weekend I caught up by watching about about 10 of them one after the other -– I get distracted by Claire the Cheerleader’s hair.

Even after all these months, I still haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly why her hair bothers me quite so much. But it certainly causes me to frown every time she appears on the screen. I end up going through a mental check list in the course of each episode in which she appears:

Bouncy? Yes, it is. But that’s not the issue.
Shiny? No, but bitch.
Color? Huh-uh. Ooh, Eric Roberts. Wow.
Longer than mine? Yes, but no.

And then...EPIPHANY! As I watched the swirling snow thicken into a full-fledged nor'easter this evening, it came to me: The Side Pony Tail!

Oh the flashbacks of this and this from my childhood.

Ack!  The Cheerleader actually is Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! Stop! No, don't save her--otherwise, Jessica will spend the rest of the season swishing her long locks indignantly as she runs away.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

UK Week Wrap-up

I'm spending my last night in the U.K., after arriving at 5 am Monday. I spent a long travel day getting from Boston to my final destination, two days in Northamptonshire for a podiatry exhibition, two days in Croydon at the company offices, and two nights in London.

They had me booked for those last two nights in Croydon -- which does have rail acess to the City. But whoa! who wants to spend any extra time in Croydon when they could be across the Thames? So, I made my own plans for Friday and Saturday nights, and found a hotel near Kensington Palace.

I got up early this morning, and girded my loins. Er, I loaded up on the usual tourist accoutrement: camera, phone, purse and map.

I headed out to explore the area. I promptly got lost, going the wrong direction out the hotel. I managed to get to my proper location within a half-hour, though. Of course, halfway across Kensington Park or Gardens, or whatever, I realized that I'd forgotten 2 vital items. I quickly found a Dr Pepper at a local store -- because no caffeine, no happy day for me.

However, I finally purchased the other vital item about five hours later. Luckily, the delay did not cause any problems. But only just!

I was able to explore Kensington as well as the Victoria & Albert Museum. Correction: portions of these places. 'Cuz there's no way I could see all of either -- much less both -- in five hours!

At the museum, I viewed the Medieval and Renaissance exhibits with the plaster casts of so many other classical pieces. In typical Victorian style, the sections were overcrowded to the point where I had a hard time deciding where I should look first. The museum gave me a wonderful surprise: a fantastic Leighton sculpture at full size and two halls showing his "cartoons" and their resulting murals, which were part of a 1878 exhibit at the museum.

And then, there stood Harrod's. The store called to me! I managed to restrain myself and only bought a tin of shortbread. Which I intend to ship to La Grange. Sooo, those reading this might know what you're getting in the mail. That is, if you're reading this.

As is typical for me these days, I took pictures and have posted them to my Flickr site.

After more than seven hours on my feet, I gratefully flagged down a taxi. The route back took me through Nottinghill. Unfortuantely, that's the only glimpse I had of the trendy district. One day in London is not enough time!

Now it's dinner, BBC TV and posting. That is, after changing rooms since my prior locale had a problem with Internet access.

An adventurous and satisfying day all round. I'm off to bed soon...gotta catch a flight home in the morning!