Monday, September 10, 2007

Random Comments

Scientists seem to agree that the Earth is warming. Because of this, they’re concerned about the accelerated melting of glaciers and sea ice around Greenland and Antarctica. This event is causing sea levels to rise higher and higher at a faster and faster rate, with an expected rise of almost 20 feet by the end of the century. If this is so, just why are we rebuilding New Orleans?

Since Friday night, Angel has haunted the kitchen looking for the mouse that got away. She seems to have missed the part where I put it out the back door.

It’s such a dilemma, I just don’t know how I will survive making the decision. And what if I choose poorly? What if it doesn’t work out? Or –gasp– what if I have to change everything I’ve already gotten used to doing? I just don’t know which to buy: iTouch or iPhone?

I watered my plants on Saturday afternoon. Naturally, it's been raining ever since then.