Monday, June 25, 2007

Short Shameful Confessions 3 & 4

I am eating a healthy breakfast for the 10th day in a row.

Which leads to SSC #4: There is no shit under foil in my refrigerator.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Shaving Dilemma

or How to Shave in the Dark When You Don’t Have Hair

I never thought I’d complain about shaving. After all, I have the advantage of baby-fine, pale-colored hair on my legs. And those hairs are few and far between. Which means that I can go a week or more without shaving before anyone could possibly notice hair on my legs. Ergo, I don’t shave the legs any more often than that.

However, that advantage also can be a problem, as I discovered yesterday. Because Sunday was very sunny. I had chosen to catch some rays on my patio. I had shaved on Thursday. Yet, the very bright sun showed that I had missed a couple hairs on my right knee. Then, I noticed one or two down the shin. And another four or five scattered across my left leg. None of these errant hairs were beside each other or in any noticeable pattern. And since they’re baby-fine, I can’t feel them when I run a hand up my leg.

Tell me I’m wrong, but usually I just run the razor up my legs, assuming that I’m getting everything. After all, there’s soap in the way. And dim bathroom lighting in an apartment-style bathroom. Add to that my almost non-existent leg hair. E voila! now I have a very bad shaving job.

Sitting here in my sunny dining area…and I still can’t see those hairs. So, should I shave again, or just let them grow until this Thursday?