Friday, December 22, 2006

A Spoonful of Sugar

it's Friday evening of a week filled with holiday fun instead of real work, prior to a long holiday weekend.

I'm watching Mary Poppins, which debuted the same year I was born and which I have never seen. I'm watching Dick van Dyke and Julie Andrews dance with penguins. And all I can ask myself is "Is that the same little girl as in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?"


goodwitch said...

Awwww...I adore chitty chitty bang bang (and of course, Mary Poppins too).

I checked IMDB to see if it was the same girl...I think it is Heather Ripley in Chitty Chitty and Karen Dotrice in Poppins. Perhaps twins separated at birth????

Rhonda said...

All those Disney chicks look alike. Yeah...that's it.