Wednesday, January 17, 2007

6 degrees above 10

As I walked out to the parking lot this evening with my classmates, I turned to speak to the one walking behind me. My foot slipped off the edge of the sidewalk, which twisted my ankle and knee in definitely opposite directions.

I stumbled. But I worked hard to stay upright. After all, I have great balance and strong legs. But since I was carrying my purse and notebook in one hand and, more important, a half-full Dr Pepper in the other, balance wasn’t all that easy. But I did try.

Bad idea. Because my other foot caught on my wide pant-leg. And I went down, dropping the notebook and spilling the precious life juice all over the cement. As I caught my breath, two thoughts came to mind (other than, “wow, don’t I look like a prize idiot!”):

1. So, like, how long does it take for a puddle of Dr Pepper to freeze anyway?
2. Thank God it’s 16 degrees out here.

My classmates helped me to my feet and handed me back the mournfully almost empty Dr Pepper and a rather wet notebook. We all laughed and went our separate ways. As I drove home, two thoughts came to mind (other than, “get out of my effing way, idiot!”):

1. How much Advil will I need to take to relieve the growing ache in my knee and ankle and still be able to sleep tonight?
2. Did the designer of downfilled parkas intend for their wearers to bounce when they tripped on sidewalks?


smoness said...

The makers of Advil make an Advil PM now... I'd say give that a shot.

Big bummer on the spill; but hey! Now you and I can be gimps together! =)

Auntie Matter said...

Ya know...if I would have read these in chronilogical order, rather than as they appeared, I wouldn't have had to ask the question I did.