Monday, May 21, 2007

Too many decisions

So, this afternoon I began to organize my packing for Wednesday's departure. Since I'm the woman who takes four pair of shoes and at least six outfits for a weekend event, I find I have way too many clothes put aside for this 8-day trip.

Too much to choose!
How many shoes?
How many shirts? What if it's cold and all I have is short sleeves?
What if I bring too many long-sleeved shirts and its hot even at night?

I hate this indecision almost as much as I hate discovering, once I'm there, that I've made the wrong choices.

I might need to bring more than one suitcase!


Anonymous said...

My new approach to travel - two bags and check them. I can bring what I need and a little more and don't have to worry about schlepping stuff through airports. P.S. I'll be in our, ummmm, your room in a few days :).
aunt aberta

smoness said...

Holy hell, woman... were you hanging from the ceiling fan to take that photo? How'd you get such a hight shot?

I, too, overpack... always.

Meesh said...

Smo, I simply held the camera as high over my head as I could. Which, luckily, was at least a foot below the spinning fan.