Saturday, July 21, 2007

HP: 7

I finished Book 7 of the Harry Potter series just now. Only took 9 straight hours. My eyes are blurry (I really need to see an optometrist!).

Here's my review, then:
-- Characters were killed off.
-- I even cried at one point.
-- Loose ends got wrapped up.
-- I knew I was right.
-- An acceptable ending.

Follow-up edit:
-- I also was right about the identity of RAB.
However, the 2nd half of that equation caught me by surprise.

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Rhonda said...

We saw someone at the 59 Diner reading the book, which is what prompted me to send the TM. I was also tempted to walk by her table and loudly exclaim, "I can't believe they killed Hermoine!"

I figured characters would be killed off. You can't fight the embodiment of evil and expect to come out with your "team" in tact. Ah well, eventually I'll read these buggers.