Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Runway - Week 1 Challenge

Introduction / Explanation
Last Thursday, we witnessed the beginning of a new Project Runway season. Well, at least I witnessed it! Anyway, I decided to join the design challenge...I will design a dress as part of the current week's training. I have a competitor (Becky Cochrane), who has participated in multiple Project Runway seasons, so don't be surprised if her weekly results are better with mine!

A final comment...yeah, I'm several days late in producing a dress for last week's runway. In future, I plan to post my results on Monday.

Feel free to comment / vote on each week's challenge.

Let's Get Started!
For Week 1, the designers had five minutes to grab a set of fabrics. Then they had to choose just five fabrics, and produce a dress that represented who they are as a designer. I had to shop for fabric, but tried to head to the remnants sections so I could pick from what was available, thus being the spirit of the game. The dress should represent the designer's personality and design style.

Model: Merisel*

I love evening wear, so I chose to create something a woman can wear out to the opera or a formal event. Since I'm not fond of dresses (off-the-rack dresses never seem to fit right), I designed a top and skirt, with a coordinating cape.

I love fluttery, floaty, girlie, skirts because they feel so romantic - hence the satiny skirt. The deep, rich mulberry shade is close to a formal black without being predictable or traditional.

Despite my penchant for romance, I do enjoy sexy clothing. So, I created a fitted top with a plunging back. I used a lovely brocade material with a gold, brown, and pink pattern.

The cape conveniently keeps that bare back warm and allows her partner's hand to wander discreetly (in case her boyfriend is watching). The velvet cape coordinates with the skirt, and provides a feeling of elegance and affluence.

*Merisel's new to modeling, so play nicely, little kitties!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you'd done your challenge! I'll have to link to it from now on.

I love Marisel--she's gorgeous. And even though you might get slammed for doing a cape--I certainly did a couple of seasons ago--I think this is a beautiful design for a night out--with a boyfriend AND a companion. ;)

Love the colors, too. A great start.

Anonymous said...

Also, next time I'll spell her name correctly. Merisel!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I linked in from Becky. Fabulous work!!!

smoness said...

WooHoo! Meesh is doing Project Runway! I'm loving what you got goin on so far. That shade of purple is my favorite. <3
So excited to see what you crank out through the rest of the season.