Friday, April 28, 2006

Closing Sooner Than Expected

I'm relinquishing Castle Meesh a tad sooner than I expected!

The buyer has some kind of out-of-country emergency, and must close on the house now rather than May 15. I received a panicked call from the title company Thursday morning wanting to get my payoff info and apparently they didn't have enough of my personal data to get it. I had a minor meltdown, while the title person and I discussed whether April 28 really was a proper closing date or if May 15 was. We both hung up confused. However, a few hours later my realtor confirmed the change of plans.

Soooo, today I expect to receive and sign papers via email, FedEx or fax -- whatever floats their boats. I know that I'll be faxing and FedExing 'em back. Good thing a co-worker is a notary public!

And then I'll be renting Castle Meesh through May 15, at which point I hand over the keys and cut off the utilities. And it's all theirs!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

WOW, that'll freak ya out, huh?! Hope they didn't gouge you on the rent!