Monday, April 17, 2006

Meesh Version-06

My friend Glenda tagged me with this idea the other day. I'm not usually one to compare what I have now with what I used to have -- it's too depressing if things are bad and only briefly uplifting if the comparison is favorable. (It's just as well that I don't live by enumerated goals.)

However, after thinking it over, I had a small epiphany...

One Year Ago
I was selling medcarts and computing systems to hospitals, and had added Kansas to my already over-large territory. I was worn-out, dispirited and seeking another job.

Five Years Ago
I was in my stride at S&S, working as both a marketing and sales manager for the different product lines. It was fun, challenging and rewarding. And I just described my current job--same title, even.

Ten Years Ago
In April, I was taking my first steps toward buying my first house, which I purchased in November. I was debt-free and thoroughly enjoying-hating my job at Intermedics because it was challenging and incredibly stressful and massively fun. Today, I'm just weeks away from selling that house.

So, I've come full circle on the house, and I'm still doing the same type of job as before, except for the hiatus into direct sales. I would say that I'm in a rut, except that my current job is even more ambitious for me.

Which brings me to the epiphany. I'm enhanced: Meesh Version-06, displaying greater mobility and a more balanced approach to sales/marketing and to emotional upheaval. The only drawback to this updated version is that the Evil Twin anomaly is still embedded in the program.


goodwitch said...

Awesome Meesh...reminds me of a button I have that reads "I turned my life around and I'm back where I started." I too can say these same words and realize that the patterns of life are often cyclical...and with wisdom and maturity, the "same place" becomes enhanced the second and third time around.

Meesh said...

Enhancement is good. Otherwise, we'd say that I'm doomed to making the same mistakes over and over again.