Sunday, January 15, 2006

At least it's a WET cold

I never thought I would see the Weather Channel site for my zip code show such
low numbers.

After Houston-style weather for the past week (that is, temperatures in the
fifties), today's high was somewhat of a disappointment: It was just above freezing
and occurred right after midnight. The heater for my townhouse has run non-stop
in a vain attempt to stave off the dropping temperature outside. At least the
snow decided to stop falling much earlier today. The ground looks like the top
of a bundt cake with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Amazingly, the humidity is above 30%.

However, having made a run to the store earlier, I fully appreciate the weather
advisory regarding potential frost bite because of the wind. And I now understand
why my friend Rhonda kept reminding me that it gets COLD up here.

So, what do I do? I fail to take my mom's advice while outside: I didn't have
a hat, left the gloves in the car, and didn't zip up my parka. I hate admitting
that Mom was right. But I can't admit that Rhonda was right-- because I haven't
yet regretted making the move North...

...other than having to deal with the other drivers and the accents, that is.


Anonymous said...

Oh, we'll find a way to MAKE you regret it and come crying back to Texas...


Anonymous said...

Just's not that "Rhonda is right." It's that "other people are wrong." Once the world accepts this as fact, we'll all be happier. :)


goodwitch said...

oh my god, meesh has a blog...why don't i know this (repeatedly hitting head against the wall). this is awesome. no, this is beyond awesome.

did i mention how much i love you???

paladin3 said...


Enjoyed lunch. It is always great to see ya!