Wednesday, January 04, 2006


No, not the book. And not the more recent Broadway show.

I mean the "wicked" that modifes every noun, pronoun, adjective and unnecessary adverb uttered by those around me. I actually heard "wicked cool" at the mall yesterday. For a moment, I thought it was a SNL show. Or that I'd gone back to high school, and next I'd hear "major" and "oh my gawd".

But then I remembered that I now live in Massachusetts. Ah, yes. It all makes sense.

It's always wicked in Boston. Whatever "it" may be.


Anonymous said...

I can see already that we'll have to retrain you each time you visit here. Until then, repeat after me:

"Coke" refers to all fizzy soft drinks. The proper response to "Would you like a Coke?" is "Sure. What kind do you have?"

By the same token, "pop" is a verb. It is not a noun.

"Walk" rhymes with "wok." It does not rhyme with "back."

Rhondar: Queen of the Sparrows

Meesh said...

Since when are YOU queen of sparrows? And are they African or European sparrows? Are they laden?

Anonymous said...

I've been Queen of the Sparrows since I was in Geneva. I can't believe I never told you that story. I had dinner with a lovely group of adoring sparrows one night.

tCBG said...

Actually, there are a few proper responses to "Would you like a Coke?" in New England (I live in Southern New Hampshire, spend a lot of time in Boston). The responses are:

1) Yes, please.
2) No, thank you. Do you have Pepsi?
3) No, thank you. I don't drink soda.

We call it soda, not "coke". I don't know where that rumor got started.

Wicked easy. ;)