Monday, January 09, 2006

Lessons Learned from My First Blizzard

  • After having 8 inches of snow dumped on my car by a December blizzard,
    it will take at least 30 minutes for the car's interior to be comfortably
    warm. It's usually a 20-minute drive home.

  • Even with the car coated in snow, my Texas plates will still be visible.
    But the other drivers tailgate anyway. (There's a RANT brewing on that topic.)

  • I should park the car in the garage, despite the 8 inches of snow covering
    it. My garage is not warm enough for all of that snow to melt and destroy
    the boxes of unpacked stuff. Because if I don't put it in the garage, then my
    driveway never gets plowed. And within a couple of days, that nice,
    forgiving snow becomes hard ice! Sure, the car doesn't mind driving over
    it, but...

  • I can't walk on ice.

  • If the 8 inches of snow haven't melted away after leaving the car out in
    the sun for several hours, sweep said snow off the top! Because if I drive
    with slushy snow on top of my vehicle, it will come down onto the windshield
    as soon as I brake. Visibility = none.

  • Best lesson of all: Yes, my gas-guzzling, all-wheel-drive SUV can
    make it up that icy hill. So take that, you aluminum-plastic-paper-recycling-with
    over-priced-homes-and-no-understanding-of-right-of-way Bostonites. (I definitely feel a rant coming on.)

    Anonymous said...

    I'll just back away slowly...and take my recyclables with me...


    goodwitch said...

    good to know that your license plate still retains the warmth of texas!