Thursday, May 04, 2006

oh CRAP !!!

My 15-inch PowerBook imploded the other night.
It's at CompUSA right now, and after only one night I'm starting to feel the loss:

While watching the Astros game, I wanted to look up Oswalt's stats...but I didn't have a computer.

Going through my mail, I discovered some bills to pay...but I didn't have a computer.

Birthday card in hand, I wanted to look up the mailing address...but I didn't have a computer.

Having a computer is ingrained in my psyche now. Which means...I'm going to buy a 2nd computer!


paladin3 said...

My MacBook Pro rules. But you can also just get a macmini for around $700 and have equal processing power and a desktop system you can backup the laptop to...


Meesh said...

I'm considering the mini -- space allowance is small up here.

Rhonda said...

For some strange reason, this saga is reminding me of a Sex and the City episode in which Carrie's Mac implodes.

Interesting how we come to rely on these things, isn't it? I'm starting to wonder if going to back to Post-Its and pends isn't a good idea. Then I remember how much I love randomly looking up stupid things.