Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rain, rain...go away!

er, um...AHEM. I have an announcement to make:

I take back everything I said about rain.
I want it to go away now.

I was inconvenienced this morning trying to find an alternate route to work. I was stuck in crawling traffic, and ended up idling on a bridge. Under which water rushed at a very alarming rate, with no discernable space between the water and the base of the bridge. All I could think was, "Undermining the supports. Undermining the supports. Move, cars, move!" I probably repeated that mantra for five minutes before traffic began to move again and I was able to proceed off the bridge.

Like every Houstonian, I'm used to this flood thing. It's just that this place has so many brooks, creeks and rivers, combined with hills to force the water to flow faster and with torturously narrow winding roads...it's already a nightmare for most traffic conditions. Flooded roads just make it worse.

So, please, gimme some sunny days.

And then a thunderstorm or two.

1 comment:

goodwitch said...

I had this silly image of your wearing floaties while driving...yes...you can kick me in the shins for saying this out loud the next time you see me!