Tuesday, May 16, 2006


After posting my retraction about the rain, I noticed this column in today's Boston Globe. His commentary is spot-on. And it's amusing to read that former Bostonians have found better lives in other cities...

...because you wouldn't know that from listening to the natives up here. Oh nooooo! This is the most perfect place to live in the entire world...

mostly because here we have outrageously expensive housing, the Red Sox who won the World Series 2 seasons ago, cold weather that lasts even into May, a baseball team that finally won the big series in 2004, nasty snarling traffic through a leaking expensive tunnel, the Sox team that finally beat Babe Ruth's curse and managed to win a pennant a couple of years ago, the Kennedys who make the news for their driving habits almost as often as their politics, and lots of red-wearing baseball fans still doing the jig about a game that happened--

Er, I digress. In short, it's good to have my views validated.

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Anonymous said...

Gads...what a whiny little pussy that columnist is. He wouldn't last a day in Texas. Then again, we're already up to our eyeballs in egotistical whiny idiots.

I've noticed that they haven't had floods up there until the Texan from a flood-prone city moved there. Coincidence, or has the Bambino's curse been replaced with Meesh's curse (which, unfortunately sounds like I'm referring to your menstrual cycle)?

BTW, glad you made it home OK. It was great seeing you, even if we were working.