Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Heading West

With tunnels collapsing and temperatures soaring (it's all of 85 degrees today) here in Boston, I'm headed West for a week. Ahm a-makin' mah waay to Salt Laake City!

And, for once this year, I finally have everything completed and ready both for the exhibit booth and the sales training that follows. Which means that today, I'm a-twiddlin' mah thumbs.


I have no idea what I can do to fill my work hours today that won't also be completed before I leave. Because if I start a project but don't finish it by 5 pm, then it's incompleteness will drive me nuts the entire time I'm standing in the exhibit booth through Saturday. It'll be tapping lightly at the back of my mind while I'm explaining the intricasies of product positioning to a bunch of know-it-all sales reps on Sunday. It'll be shouting "hey, look at me!" as the local sales manager and I visit customers next week. And by the time I return, it'll be screaming out my eyeballs -- and I will have way too much piled-up work on my desk to get back to it.

So. I think I'll just play Freecell.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Mormanville....I will be there in a couple of weeks myownself. I actually like it there. Have fun at the trade show THOSE are ALWAYS fun!


Rhonda said...

It's beautiful there, though it's the most Caucasian place I've ever been. If you get a chance to visit the Olympic Stadium, you'll be underwhelmed by the Olympic cauldron which, to paraphrase "This is Spinal Tap," was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf.