Monday, July 17, 2006

Today's Adventure

Today, the local sales rep and I were supposed to travel from Salt Lake City down to Zion. Tomorrow, we were going to visit customers, and possibly Zion National Park.

That plan went with the wind. Literally.

A forest fire in the mountains along I-15 got a tad too close to the highway. So close, in fact, that the smoke almost completely obscured the mid-afternoon sunlight. Traffic had to be routed back to the north because it was much too perilous for us.

So, here I am...back in a hotel in Salt Lake City. Twiddling my thumbs. And dammit, the A/C won't get cool enough in this room. I can't believe I'm complaining about being hot after getting right in the thick of things down south!

This is what it looked like as we approached the area. That's smoke, not clouds.

Here's a western view of the area just before we slammed on the brakes due to the traffic jam caused by the highway closure.

Here's a view of the area after we turned around and things got even hotter on the east side of the mountains. It hadn't quite looked that "glowy" when we drove past just moments before.

Every day's an adventure. Can't wait for tomorrow: We're heading north.


Rhonda said...

Man...I think you're a disaster magnet. Floods in Boston...tunnel collapses...forest fires. Next time you come to town, I'm increasing my insurance.

Meesh said...

R, good idea. Remember, September is the busiest hurricane time -- and coincidentally, that's my next visit.

Meesh said...

btw, R...was "today's adventure" exciting enough for you? I know you were disappointed by my twizzler experiment.

Rhonda said...

[beavis] Fire! Fire! Fire![/beavis]